Dozer Systems

All 3D dozer systems from Topcon feature a rugged design, proven site overviews and elevation and tilt reference automation and display.

  • 3D-MCMAX System

    3D-MCMAX System

    The 3D-MCMAX system uses two inertial measurement units (IMU), enabling you to doze more quickly and intelligently without the need of a mast.

  • 3D-MC² System

    3D-MC² System

    Topcon's 3D-MC² systems represent a vast leap in dozer automation.
  • 3D-MC Dual

    3D-MC Dual

    With 3D-MC Dual, you boost performance compared to existing 3D systems by up to 200 percent in any terrain and with any equipment operator.

  • 3D-MC LPS

    3D-MC LPS

    When satellites are not visible, LPS (Local Position System, positioning by means of a total station) is the right choice. LPS plays a key role here. Our LPS uses a standard robotic total station that ensures accurate blade or screed position.
"The construction site of the future is smart, integrated and clean. More than 4 million construction machines are projected to communicate with each other by 2021. I would be delighted to show you in practical application consultations how digital technologies can increase efficiency at the construction site."

Holger Neupert – Head, Product Sales - Machine Control, Digital Construction Site

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