Financing concepts as individual as you would like them to be

At Schlüter, your needs and requirements are our main focus. Our mission is to work out a suitable solution together with you. With us, you can receive both standardised and individually tailored financing and leasing solutions. We are always available for confidential discussions.   

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on how to take steps to favourably impact your bottom line and options for streamlining your operations. We guide you not only throughout the life cycle of your construction equipment, but also beyond.

Financing from a single source offers you many advantages:     

  • You are independent from your local bank and can protect your credit line
  • You can benefit from our lean management
  • We provide you security with comprehensive support
  • We offer you attractive conditions

Schlüter for construction equipment - Financing solutions

With financing from a single source, you have many advantages!

Our range of services

Finanzierung/Mietkauf von Baumaschinen

Financing/hire purchase

  • Tailor-made solutions (down payments, final instalments, seasonal payment arrangements)
  • New and used equipment, survey technology, accessories, parts and high-priced repairs
  • Movable assets outside the Schlüter product range
Leasing von Baumaschinen


  • Lease terms compliant with depreciation
  • Balance sheet neutral, with and without a purchase option
  • Special leasing payments possible
  • New and used equipment, survey technology, accessories
  • Movable assets outside the Schlüter product range 
Rückkauf/Restwertermittlung von gebrauchten Maschinen

Repurchase / Residual value calculation

Planning security for you:

  • Determination of individual risk scenarios
  • Advice on financing with final instalments
  • Advice on leasing with flexible residual values
  • Option to return the equipment at the end of contract
Versicherung von Baumaschinen


  • Compulsory insurance cover during the contractual term of financing and beyond
  • Tailored scope and level of cover
  • New and used equipment
  • Time savings through expedient and hassle-free processing

The answer to your financing question is only a phone call away.
Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Manuel Ebermann
Consultation, Inside Sales Representative
Phone: +49 2943 987-264 
Stefan Rungg
Consultation, Field Sales Representative
Phone: +49 151 108419 92 
Ulrich Schmitz
Consultation, Inside Sales Representative
Phone:+49 2943 987 285 
Mathias KundeCommercial Inside Sales Representative
Phone: +49 151 10867318
Rosemarie MauermannInside Sales Representative

Phone: +49 2943 987-262  
Torsten KrebsManaging Director, Head of Business Administration
Phone: +49  2943 987-0   

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