Surveying Products

  • HiPer VR Rover Pole

    HiPer VR Rover Pole

    Despite its compact and rugged design, the HiPer VR is chock-full with state-of-the-art GNSS technology.
  • Base Station

    Base Station

    The MR-2 combines future-proof tracking for all satellite systems with HD2 heading determination technology and a comprehensive set of communication interfaces.
  • Totalstation GT100x

    Totalstation GT100x

    The GT series robotic total stations are a sleeker, high-performance solution that delivers impressive performance from the start, yet it can also grow with your future plans.
  • Layout Navigator – LN150

    Layout Navigator – LN150

    The LN-150 offers you the perfect solution for digital layout and construction verification. With this easy to learn and use tool, you can automate the entire layout and construction verification process.
„Real construction is often different from the planned model. I can offer you better ways to collect actual data during construction for comparison with the planned model.”

Florian Schlein-Kochanek – Product Specialist Machine Control / Surveying

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