Maintenance Parts

Authorised and recognised by themanufacturer as a "Premium Partner", Schlüter naturally relies onoriginal maintenance parts from Komatsu and Sennebogen. Thanks to the parts depots in the branch locations, the company's own central warehouse in Erwitte and a European and worldwide logistics network within themanufacturers' network, we can guarantee rapid supply to our customers. Virtually all maintenance parts such as filters, maintenance kits, lubricantsor batteries are available on the same day and overnight by the latest.
Your benefits from regular maintenance:
  • Increased equipment life cycle
  • Improved productivity
  • Precaution against sudden equipment failures
  • Stable market value of the equipment
  • Advantages upon resale

Filter und Wartungssätze


Filters and maintenance kits

Original filters
Our filters for oil, air and hydraulics are manufactured according to the highest quality specifications of the manufacturer and are corrosion protected. The proper balance between pressure loss, anticipated service life and filtration efficiency enables optimal filter efficiency.

Maintenance kits
With Schlüter, by placing only one order, you receive all the parts necessary for maintenance in one package. This eliminates the need for time-consuming identification of individual part numbers and means that incorrect orders can be prevented.

  • Available for new and old Komatsu and Sennebogen models
  • Ensuring a price advantage over ordering individual parts

Did you know?

70% of engine damage is caused by impurities in oil. Why take any risk? Why not arrange for a maintenance appointment at one of our branch locations in your area.


Öle und Schmierstoffe


Oils and lubricants  

The use of original oils and lubricants prevents premature wear of the machines. Our motor oils, hydraulic oils as well as axle and transmission oils are developed according to the manufacturer's highest quality standards and are specifically matched to the components of the equipment.

Your advantages:
  • Maintenance of operational safety
  • Extended equipment life cycle
  • Reduced fuel consumption

KOWA oil analysis

With our Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA), you will receive a comprehensive diagnosis of your equipment.




The Komatsu batteries available from Schlüter are the ideal replacement when required. Thanks to their outstanding cold start characteristics due to a high starting current and vast reserve capacities, they are ideal for heavy-duty everyday use of your Komatsu equipment.

Other features of Komatsu batteries:
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Precise production
  • Maintenance-free

Repair Parts

Original repair parts from Komatsu and Sennebogen are the best choice to make your equipment fit again. Utmost quality standards in development and production contribute towards long, trouble-free operation.  

But even defective parts still contain valuable material and energy. At Schlüter, we industrially recondition these parts in the framework of the REMAN programmes of Komatsu and Sennebogen so that they can be reused in equipment.
We offer you:
  • Original repair parts
  • Utmost quality
  • Reconditioned components

REMAN-Komponenten von Komatsu und Sennebogen


REMAN components from Komatsu and Sennebogen   

All our REMAN components are factory reconditioned and are subject to the same quality guidelines as a new part. Only original parts from Komatsu and Sennebogen are used during the reconditioning process and are modernised, tested and certified according to the latest specifications.

Saving resources – helping the environment – reducing costs

Schlüter thus ensures the rapid availability of factory reconditioned parts (even for discontinued models) and guarantees its customers high equipment availability, along with a reduction of downtimes during work assignments. REMAN components have the same quality standards as a new part because new technical findings are always incorporated into the reconditioning process. What's more, you'll save up to 40% compared to a new part.

Have we attracted your interest?

You can benefit from our easy processing: Order REMAN components now – at attractive prices.


Wear parts

Schlüter offers you a complete range of original wear parts from Komatsu and Sennebogen. Our products are developed and tested according to the highest quality standards and are therefore able to meet the highest demands in all areas of use. Whether it be tooth systems for buckets and shovels, cutting edges, undercarriages or rubber tracks: Our wear parts will always keep your equipment in the best condition.
We offer you:
  • Undercarriages
  • Cutting edges and blades
  • Tooth systems
  • Rubber tracks

Komatsu Kettenlaufwerk



With Komatsu undercarriages and undercarriage components, we can offer you a cost-effective solution for almost any job, no matter whether it is a standard assignment or a special application. At Schlüter, you'll receive both a cost-effective replacement and comprehensive advice on how to optimise the service life and maintenance of your undercarriage.

Schneiden / Messer


Cutting edges / Blades

The cutting edges and blades from Schlüter are produced according to the manufacturer's high-quality specifications and are made to match perfectly. High-quality steel is used in the production process – ideally suited for your work assignments!  

KMAX und KVX Zahnsysteme

TOOTH systems

Tooth systems

With Komatsu's KMAX tooth system, we offer you an advanced, reliable accessory that is perfectly matched to your equipment, helping you optimise equipment performance whilst reducing the total cost of ownership.  The KMAX GET systems available from Schlüter meet the high requirements in terms of durability and longevity for every work assignment, thanks to their strong material hardness down to the core. The safe, easy and quick installation, as well as the exchange of the teeth, without any hammer blows, are further advantages of the KMAX system.

The unique and efficient KVX tooth system from Komatsu doubles the longevity of the material, thanks to the specially hardened steel, along with the reversible teeth and wear plates. Screws are screwed into the main cutting edge with high torque and thus withstand even the most rugged operating conditions. You can order KVX for all Komatsu equipment from us!



Rubber tracks

The rubber tracks available from Schlüter prevent the tracks from coming off the machine thanks to a patented AVT(C) design and, with 70% less vibration, provide for enhanced operator comfort.  With our products, you benefit from the self-cleaning effect of the track. Brass-coated steel mesh, coated steel cores, ultra-tear resistant steel cables and a reinforced casing protect against longitudinal edge cuts and rubber damage.

Additional advantages:

  • Collision protection for kerb edges
  • Utmost quality and a long service life
  • Optimised profile for ideal ground handling and pressure distribution


With our central parts warehouse inErwitte, decentralised parts depots in all branches, as well as aworldwide logistics network with our suppliers Komatsu and Sennebogen, weguarantee parts availability of over 98% within 24 hours. By doing so, wesafeguard an optimal supply of parts for equipment maintenance, repair preventionor repair for our customers.
We offer you:
  • Parts availability of 98%
  • 24-hour service
  • Parts depots near you

Schlüter Zentral-Ersatzteillager


Schlüter central parts warehouse 

In our central parts warehouse at our headquarters in Erwitte, we store all standard maintenance, wear, exchange and repair parts and components. We offer parts availability 24/7. Close networking with our main suppliers Komatsu, Sennebogen, NPK and Topcon supplements our high-performance logistics. 

Should you have an urgent need for parts, we also deliver by overnight express directly to your construction site or to a branch location near you.     



Schlüter parts depots  

Our parts depots in the individual branch locations are linked to the central warehouse in Erwitte as well as to the entire parts logistics of Schlüter. Each parts depot has its own stock of the most frequently needed maintenance, wear and repair parts.  

Experienced service and parts specialists in every branch location are available to our customers.

Are you seeking a parts depot near you?

Depot Finder

Komatsu Zentral-Ersatzteillager


Komatsu Europe Parts Operation (KEPO)        

Quickly available spare and wear parts are stored in the Komatsu Europe Parts Operation (KEPO) warehouse in Vilvoorde, Belgium.   

Our advanced spare parts logistics system is directly linked to Komatsu's sales and service organisations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Orders are confirmed and delivered within a few hours.
  • 98% overnight deliveries within Europe
  • Special 24/7 service upon request
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Known Consignor



Sennebogen parts warehouse   

Approximately 30,000 different items in stock guarantee a fast and excellent service for your equipment – even beyond the end of series production.  

With a total area of roughly 10,000 m² in the central parts warehouse in Germany and the regional parts warehouses overseas, we ensure maximum availability and fast deliveries.
  • Our global dealer and service partner network provides the supply of parts on all continents
  • Accelerated processing for urgent rush orders with the highest level of service
  • Established logistics network for fastest and most cost-effective transport times and routes
  • Over 100,000 order items per year

Schlüter Catalogue / Service Offers 

Our Schlüter catalogue provides you with a comprehensive overview of all after sales products and services available at Schlüter for construction equipment. It helps you find and identify the correct spare part number. 

The catalogue contains helpful explanations and tips on our individual product groups and supplements the machine spare parts book. Apart from the spare and wear parts from our main suppliers Komatsu, Sennebogen, Topcon and NPK, the Schlüter catalogue also contains special parts from our own production. 

NB: The Schlüter catalogue is available in German only.

Schlüter Catalogue Service Offers
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