Finishers and Compactors

Machine control for finishers
The last top layer is normally the most valuable, because consistency and accuracy have to be reconciled.

  • 2D-Systems for Finishers

    2D-Systems for Finishers

    The perfect pavement is the result of perfectly controlling the screed. Topcon systems for screed control improve smoothness, ensure precise slopes and layer thicknesses.

  • 3D-Systems for Finishers

    3D-Systems for Finishers

    3D milling opens up new dimensions in milling. Instead of milling thickness or reading out mill-marks on the road, a 3D design model is used to specify the milling depth.

  • RD-M1 Scanner

    RD-M1 Scanner

    The RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data as you drive, thus delivering precise data on surface conditions. You can quickly scan miles of road in short time, without the need for costly lane closures or re-work.

  • 3D-Systems for Compactors

    3D-Systems for Compactors

    Our modern C-53 compaction systems go beyond counting and recording in a single pass. Thanks to secure connectivity with the global Sitelink3D service, each compactor can work not only faster but also becomes a more integral part of the overall project than ever before.
„Smooth roads, happy drivers. According to plan every time. Whether it’s ultrasound for the 2D-control or millimeter GPS for the 3D-control: You can adapt your finisher  for every job in order to achieve the famous Topcon precision.”

Thomas Kleine – Product Specialist Machine Control

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