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Schlüter Service Programmes

Schlüter Service programmes

Schlüter Service Programmes  

Schlüter offers you services ranging from individual maintenance calls to all-round full-service packages for the efficiency of your equipment. The service packages offer you the advantage of:
  • Less downtime: proactive analysis and efficient service
  • Stable market value and higher resale value of your equipment
  • Predictable costs, no unexpected repair costs
  • Automatic performance of series status improvements and software updates
  • Use of original parts and operating materials

Our service programmes
Proaktive Wartung - KOMTRAX™

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance 

Minimise downtime during work assignments! We identify problems before they occur and can thus plan your maintenance operations in advance.
  • Remote diagnosis capability of your equipment thanks to KOMTRAX™ and SENtrack telematics systems
  • You can call up equipment data directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Stay informed 24/7
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Wartung Ihrer Baumaschine

maintenance of your construction equipment 

Maintenance of your construction equipment

We call your attention to upcoming maintenance intervals and plan the best possible time to carry them out in cooperation with you.
  • You determine the scope of customer service
  • Customised service from our Schlüter range
  • As little impact as possible on your work assignment
  • Early identification of maintenance needs, thanks to telematics systems

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Komatsu care

Komatsu care  

Komatsu Care  

The Komatsu Care maintenance programme includes scheduled maintenance of equipment, using original Komatsu parts. Depending on the engine installed, an extended warranty is also included for the Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) or Komatsu diesel oxidation catalyst (KDOC) and SCR system.
  • Precise setting of costs and exact operating cost planning
  • Time savings and less downtime
  • No need for own tools and parts or staff for repairs

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Reparatur Ihrer Baumaschine

repair of your construction equipment 

Repair of your construction equipment

Our service specialists are quickly on the scene to provide expert assistance.
  • Repair work such as welding or boring machine work
  • Schlüter rescue vehicles for extraordinary requirements and special repairs
  • It is possible to receive rental equipment to bridge the duration of repairs

Oil Analysis Service 

Oil analysis service  

With our Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA), you obtain a comprehensive diagnosis of your equipment components and are able to reduce the risk of costly repairs and downtime.
  • Easy sampling carried out with a handy sample set and by Schlüter service specialists
  • Early detection of malfunctions
  • Indication of the capability of the oil used

Status report

Status report

With the status reports from our Schlüter service technicians, we assist you in regularly checking the status of your equipment and identifying and planning maintenance and repair requirements at an early stage.
  • Regular and routine evaluation of equipment status
  • Documentation of the maintenance history
  • Price advantage upon trade-in

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undercarriage measurement

Undercarriage measurement 

Our service specialists professionally measure your undercarriages, checking components for signs of wear.
  • Forecast of remaining service life and further recommendations for action
  • Joint planning of any pending replacement
  • Parts warehousing of your undercarriage
  • Avoidance of downtimes
  • Documentation on the wear report

 Schlüter Service Consultant

 Schlüter Service Consultant

From technical/economic advice, e. g. on undercarriage management, to the compilation of a customised maintenance and repair contract. Our service consultants are here to help with any service topic.
  • Preparation of a machine condition report
  • Undercarriage measurement, determination of the optimum replacement interval
  • Optimisation of use of wear parts
  • Oil selection, oil care, change intervals, special applications
  • Advice and sale of attachments
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Advice on warranty policies (Komatsu Care)
Das exklusive Maschinenerfassungssystem von Komatsu



The exclusive machine monitoring system from Komatsu lets you monitor all the essential information about your equipment directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • PRODUCTIVITY Boosting efficiency and minimising downtimes
  • SECURITY Protection against misuse, location detection and engine lock function
  • KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Overview of equipment in operation
  • PRACTICAL FLEET MANAGEMENT Comprehensive equipment data in a user-friendly format via PC, smartphone and tablet

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Efficiency report

From fuel consumption right down to equipment utilisation: You can analyse the data of your equipment with the help of KOMTRAX™ and create an individual efficiency report.
  • Joint analysis of the efficiency report with Schlüter service specialists
  • Specification of goals and activities for improving efficiency and productivity
  • Tips on fuel savings

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Vom Kraftstoffverbrauch bis zur Maschinenauslastung

Efficiency report


operator training

Operator training

Operating construction equipment is a task that involves responsibility. This makes it all the more important that operators can handle the equipment safely and economically and can manoeuvre skilfully on the company premises or on the construction site.  In our training courses, we make your employees fit for safe and efficient operation of your construction equipment.

Our training programmes
Maschinensteuerung – Technischer Support

machine control

Machine Control - Technical Support

With machine control systems from Komatsu and Topcon, you can utilise high-quality innovative products to streamline your workflow and organisational processes. You can also use our qualified support to take full advantage of the digital opportunities. Do you need conceptual advice on integration of machine control systems or construction site set-up on location?

Our support services
  • Consultation (telephone/e-mail)
  • Software updates
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty

Hotline for support programmes

Telephone: +49 2943-987-999  
E-Mail Support:  mcsupport@schlueter-baumaschinen.de

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Fleet management

Fleet management

With the fleet overview and work assignment planning (also for third-party equipment) from Schlüter, you always have an eye on your equipment.
  • Location tracking and monitoring of areas of use
  • Precise tracking of equipment transports and movements
  • Proactive, intelligent maintenance planning
  • Easy data export with existing management tools or Excel for analysis purposes

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Diebstahlschutz von Schlüter für Baumaschinen

Theft protection

Theft protection

Protect your equipment and your fuel with theft protection from Schlüter!
  • Recording the equipment location
  • Warnings in case of unplanned equipment movements
  • Warning messages by e-mail in case of fuel theft
  • Code generation for starting the equipment (engine lock at night)
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Wir sorgen für die Sicherheit und Einsatzbereitschaft Ihrer Maschinen!

german Accident prevention regulations (UVV) 

German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) 

We ensure the safety and operational readiness of your equipment!
  • Annual equipment inspection and UVV inspection according to regulations 100 to 500 of the German Social Accident Insurance, DGUV
  • Evaluation of equipment condition
  • Test report and test seal
  • Travel and working hours as specified in bid
Second Life

Second Life  

Second Life 

Is it better to buy new equipment or a machine with a "second life"?
With larger equipment in particular, the question arises whether a new purchase is more economical than reconditioning existing equipment. Schlüter offers the general reconditioning of selected machine types in specialised workshops.
  • Mandatory dismantling of the equipment into its assemblies
  • Replacement of wear parts according to the criterion of second-life / target life cycle
  • Performance of work by trained specialists
  • Handover, instruction, initial operation, warranty service
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