Efficient timber loading, whether in the sawmill, on wagons, trucks or in paper production, using equipment from Sennebogen and Komatsu. Sennebogen's pick & carry handling machines are ideally suited for tight driving manoeuvres, thanks to their robust and compact design. Komatsu wheel loaders make your paper mill loading processes efficient.
Sennebogen Maschine beim Holzumschlag

We have the right solution for your challenges 

  • Loading and unloading
    Timber shipping, or timber unloading/loading of trucks, vessels in the timber port, wagons
  • Transport
    Picking up and transporting roundwood logs, also with trailers, on the roundwood yard
  • Sorting
    Sorting, stacking, cutting to length and transporting roundwood logs and wood assortments
  • Filling of paper mills
  • Wood fuel harvesting and landscape maintenance
    Landscape and tree maintenance services, a wide array of activities with one machine: vast flexibility with many attachments
Kompetente Beratung durch Schlüter Baumschinen

Special features of Sennebogen material handlers

Specially designed equipment stands out thanks to its:
  • Low deadweight
  • High load capacities
  • Low fuel consumption

Schlüter Services 

  • Tight-knit service network: flexibility and availability through 22 locations
  • TCO analyses on site at your facility: cost per machine per hour of operation
  • Efficient fleet management in connection with KOMTRAX™ and SENtrack
  • Advice on the various financing options (purchase, rental, leasing etc.)

Products for your industry

  • Komatsu Radlader WA380 - WA500
    Komatsu Wheel Loaders
    WA380 - WA500
  • Sennebogen Umschlagsmaschinen für Böschungs-/Landschaftspflege
    Sennebogen Handling Equipment
    for embankment/landscape maintenance

  • Sennebogen Balance Umschlagmaschinen
    Sennebogen Balance
    Material Handlers 
  • Holzgreifer, Leichtgutschaufel, Säge und Zieher
    Timber grabs, light material buckets, saws and pullers

Equipment in operation  


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