Komatsu's comprehensive portfolio includes some of the most advanced and powerful equipment in its class. Whether in road construction, sewer construction, earthworks and civil engineering, dam construction or tunnel engineering, Komatsu equipment always delivers maximum performance and productivity, even and especially on the most rugged terrain.   

Our services for your industry 

Projekt– und Einsatzberatung vor Ort

Road construction 

  • Work in urban areas is made easy thanks to the short tail design
  • Highest level of safety for the entire construction site, thanks to KomVision (bird's eye view)
  • Due to tool control, efficiency is achieved through adjustment (hydraulic power) of the eqipment to each attachment in seconds
Bauablauf einer Baustelle / Zyklus

Sewer construction

  • Due to the enormous sturdiness of the equipment, the stability and lifting capacity is unique in its class
  • Owing to their standard features, the wheeled excavators are ideally suited as all-rounders for all work in sewer construction – excavating, pipe laying, placement of sheet piles, etc.
Digitale Baustelle/ I-Maschinen

Earthworks and civil engineering

  • Due to the in-house components designed for durability, this quality equipment is unbeatable on the construction site and an absolute must for any operation
  • TCO costs are reduced to a minimum thanks to the new hybrid technology and equipment with integrated machine control

Dam and embankment construction

Komatsu delivers quality equipment for your individual requirements.
  • With a special range from 12 m up to 22 m
  • With extremely high load capacity

Digital jobsite

Material and time savings thanks to the highest precision of technology
  • Survey of the construction project and monitoring of progress using drone and surveying technology
  • Material movement (excavation and installation) or levelling (large and fine grading) with the aid of machine control systems
  • Support of daily tasks using construction software
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Products for your industry

  • Komatsu Radlader
    All Compact Wheel Loaders  
  • Komatsu Mobilbagger
    All Wheeled Excavators
  • Komatsu Raupenbagger
    All Crawler Excavators
  • Komatsu Planierraupen
    All Crawler Dozers  

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