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npk E-106

Due to the versatility of the attachments, the excavators can be used in many different ways. Work such as demolition, cutting, crushing, pulverising, sorting and ripping can be done quickly and economically with the NPK attachments. They are characterised by a long service life and high resale value. 

Technical data

  • Attachment type:

  • Model:

    NPK Hydraulik Hammer E-106 Enviro
  • Excavator weight:

    0.7 - 1.0 t
  • Weight:

    62 kg
  • Total length:

    872 mm
  • Oil flow:

    15 - 20 l/min
  • Blow frequency:

    900 - 1200 bpm
  • Min. excavator pressure:

    150 bar
  • Chisel diameter:

    41 mm

Contact Person

Schlüter Baumaschinen GmbH
Soester Straße 49-51
59597 Erwitte

Phone: +49 2943 987-393

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