Schlüter Academy 

The constant new market challenges require ongoing further development of skilled employees. That is why we invest heavily in qualification measures. By expanding our Schlüter Academy, we are creating a solid foundation for lifelong learning. The Schlüter Academy sees itself as a trade center within the Schlüter company and is the first point of contact for training and further education.  
Thanks to our in-house and external trainers, we are able to offer a wide range of further education programmes. In addition to staff and executive development, our customers are the main focus. Whether it involves training courses on all aspects of the equipment, management techniques, time management or construction equipment driving licences: We make our customers and employees fit for their everyday work! 

Objectives of the Schlüter Academy 

Training Programmes of the Schlüter Academy 

We get you ready for the job

Our Training Programme for Customers 

Apart from further training for our own staff, the Schlüter Academy focusses on customer training. We offer a variety of options to perfectly prepare your team for any job. 

  • Individual training on your machine

    Training options to suit your wishes!

    You haven’t found the right training course? No problem, we would be delighted to train you individually for your Komatsu machine. Depending on your requirements, with your help, we will design the training course that is tailored perfectly for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Possible course content:
    • Basic training
    • Safety instruction
    • Functions of the display system
    • Handling the aftertreatment system
    • Maintenance and care of the machine in theory and practice
    • Tips for the efficient handling of the machine
    on request
    approx. 4 hours
    at your site or one of the Schlüter locations
    Price: on request
  • Service training – daily maintenance

    In our service training, the participants get an overview of the machine, the assemblies and how they work. After the training, participants will be able to service minor damage and regularly occurring difficulties themselves.

    Training contents:

    • Safety instruction according to DGuV 100-500
             - Equipment knowledge

    • Inspection / daily maintenance: principles and important points
             - fuel system
             - monitor system
             - error codes
             - Oil types and maintenance kit
             - Special features of KomatsuCare

    • Exhaust aftertreatment
             - Functions & structure
             - Regeneration process and its adjustment
             - Fault sources and diagnosis
             - Solutions for faults

    • Tool Control
             - Liter setting for different attachments
             - Typical error sources & solution approaches
    Target Group:
    Workshop staff and experienced machinists
    on request
    1 day
    at your site or one of the Schlüter locations
    Price: on request
  • Construction equipment operator licence

    We get your team ready for any operation.

    Operating construction machinery is a responsible task. It is, therefore, all the more important that the operators handle the machine safely and economically and can move around safely within the workshop or at the jobsite. With this course, we get your employees fit for the safe and efficient operation of your earthworks machine!

    Objective: operator licence for earthworks machines (German DGuV Rule 101-003, BGR118)

    Theoretical part:
    • Design and function of earthworks machines (according to DIN EN 474, DIN EN 500)
    • Operator and contractor obligations
    • Legal bases in the field of earthworks machinery
    • Safe operation, transport and daily maintenance
    • Basic principles of operating physics
    • Final theoretical exam

    Practical part:
    • Introduction to the equipment on site
    • Departure check in accordance with German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV)
    • Digging curve on the excavator or load capacity diagram on loader resp.
    • Driving exercises with and without load
    • Digging exercises
    • Final practical exam
    Target Group:
    Operating and driving personnel of earthworks machines, from newcomers to experienced operators
    3 days
    Komatsu plant, Hanover
    Price: on request
    Includes meals during the day and joint evening meals. If you need an overnight stay nearby, we will be happy to assist you in booking a hotel.
  • Basic training for wheel loaders and excavators

    Not every beginning needs to be hard!

    Not every beginning needs to be hard: This course is designed specifically for operators who have little or no experience with construction equipment. Our Komatsu experts will first train you or your operators in handling construction machinery on the simulator before taking you to the demonstration site. The focus of the course is the general operation, the safe and efficient handling of wheel loaders and excavators as well as daily maintenance tasks.

    Objective: To strengthen the operator’s knowledge for the sustainable operation of earthworks machinery

    Theoretical part:
    • Daily machine inspection and maintenance by the machine operator
    • Physical machine basics
    • Machine components
    • Switch settings and operation of the machine
    • Productive handling of the machine

    Practical part:
    • Daily maintenance
    • Simulator training in different work scenarios
    • Basics of efficient machine operation
    • Correct operation in difficult situations

    Target Group:
    novice drivers
    3 days
    Komatsu plant, Hanover
    Price: On Request
    includes catering during the course and one joint evening meal
  • Efficiency training

    We ensure efficiency

    With the support of our Komatsu experts in Hanover, we offer you or your operators an efficiency training that is specifically tailored to your operational needs. Using the KomatsuEdge Analyse Tool, a detailed operation analysis is carried out for your specific areas of application. Learn about the possibilities provided by our digital analysis programmes and work even more efficiently in the future.

    Objective: Reducing operational costs through the implementation of efficient ways of working

    Theoretical part (1 day):
    • Machine settings in detail
    • Daily machine inspection by the operator
    • Physical details of machine operation
    • Efficient operation of the machines

    Practical part (2 days):
    • Variety of driving tasks with wheel loaders WA380-8 to WA500-8
    • Efficient operation with WA simulator
    • Analysis and individual training based on KomatsuEdge data
    • Detailed daily maintenance in the VR room

    Machines: WA380-8, WA470-8, WA475-10, WA480-8, WA500-8
    Target Group:
    experienced machine operators
    3 days
    Komatsu plant, Hanover
    Price: on request
    incl. catering during the course and one joint evening meal
  • Training in machine control systems

    Customised for you – training in the operation of integrated and retrofitted machine control

    With machine control systems by Komatsu and Topcon, you are using high-quality, innovative products to optimize your work and organizational processes. In our training courses, we will introduce you to the functions of digital machine controls.

    Our course content:
    • Theoretical and practical training in machine control
    • Advantages of machine control and potential savings
    • Added value of digitalization
    • Advice and live demos at your site

    Training packages (price list on request):
    • 1-day training from 4 participants (see overview)
    • Company and individual training on request
      on request
      on request
      on request
    • Operator training for material handlers

      We are aware of the responsibility you have for your employees. That is why this very practice-oriented course enables operators to run the machine independently and efficiently as well as to recognise and eliminate minor malfunctions on their own. The training concept is flexibly designed, leaving room for individual requirements.

      Participants will become familiar with the operation and functions of the machine, learn how to carry out daily maintenance and cleaning tasks and receive tips on how to operate the machine as trouble-free as possible.

      • Correct interpretation of error messages and necessary measures
      • Assemblies and definitions
      • Machine technology
      • Safety regulations
      • Use of attachments incl. driving exercises

      Target Group:
      Employees in charge of machine operation. With new machines, this training should ideally take place before commissioning.
      on request
      1.5 days
      SENNEBOGEN Academy, Straubing
      Price: on request
      (incl. 1 night’s hotel accommodation at our partner hotel ASAM ****s)
    • Operator licence for material handlers

      The German professional associations and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health stipulate in their regulations that only trained and certified persons may be assigned to drive and operate earthworks machines.

      In a 2-day theoretical and practical seminar, we will instruct you in the competent and safe operation and maintenance of material handlers.

      With this training, those of your employees who already have knowledge and experience in the operation of these machines will gain the specialist knowledge and ability to operate excavators and loaders and acquire the driving licence for material handlers.

      • Legal bases
      • Definitions
      • Hazard analysis
      • Practical instruction in the operation of Sennebogen material handlers incl. driving exercises
      • Securing, care and maintenance of the machine

      Target Group:
      People who operate machines and would like to receive tips and techniques to increase efficiency day by day. Anyone who wants to obtain the "expert" certificate to carry out tests on SENNEBOGEN material handlers.
      on request
      2 days
      SENNEBOGEN Academy, Straubing
      Price: on request
      (incl. 2 nights’ hotel accommodation at our partner hotel ASAM ****s)
    Lebenslanges Lernen in der Schlüter-Akademie

    In-house training

    Lifelong learning at the Schlüter Academy

    The constant changes in the market require ongoing further training on the part of our employees. That is the reason why we invest in qualification measures and with our Schlüter Academy offer the best conditions for lifelong learning.

    Our training courses are divided up into three main subject areas:
    • Professional skills
    • Social skills
    • Organisational skills

    Should you have any questions about further training available to our employees, we will be delighted to answer them in a personal discussion.

    The team at the Schlüter Academy 

    Katharina Steltemeier
    Katharina Steltemeier
    Coordination of customer training and technical training

    Phone: +49 2943 987-2770
     Katrin Hennemeier
    Coordination of sales training and product training

    Phone: +49 2943 987-274
    Martina Nolte
    Organisation of sales training and product training

    Phone: +49 2943 987-2771

    Julia Rüther
    Christiane Falkenrich
    Organisation of technical training

    Telefon: +49 2943 987-902 
    Petra Schlüter
    Petra Schlüter
    Patron of the Academy

    Telefon: +49 2943 987-0
    Sascha Pogarell
    Sascha Pogarell
    Head of HR

    Telefon: +49 2943 987-0
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