We manufacture solutions for special requirements

Requirements often emerge in the course of daily work that cannot be handled with standard products. With our Technology Trade Center (Handelscenter Technik, HCT), we offer the right special solution for every use case. We design and manufacture in accordance with your individual requirements, meaning that your machine is optimally adapted to the forthcoming assignment.

From the development, design, production of attachments, through modification of machines, right down to the manufacture or repair of wear and spare parts – thanks to our qualified specialists, we guarantee you first-rate product quality.

  • Individual design & manufacturing
  • The right special solution for every use case
  • Manufacture and repair of wear and spare parts
  • Highest level of product quality
  • Optimised for Sennebogen & Komatsu

From our production range  

Hochkippschaufel,  Mulchgreiferschaufel,  Hochkippgreifschaufel,  Leichtgutschaufel,  Felsschaufel


 High dump bucket, mulch grab bucket, high dump gripper bucket, light material bucket, heavy-duty bucket
Felslöffel für Aufnahme: MS01, MS03, MS08

HD Bucket

Heavy-duty bucket suitable for the following mounting types: MS01, MS03, MS08
Blenden, Schutzgitter für Scheiben, Zylinderschutz, Kühlerschutz


Guards and screens, protective grids for windows, cylinder guards, radiator guards
ydraulische Schnellwechsler, Heckaufreißer,  Schneeschilder, Schürzen, Stapler, Kehrbesen, Adapterplatten


Hydraulic quick couplers, rippers, snow blades, aprons, forklifts, brooms, adapter plates

Our product highlights 

  • High Dump Buckets

    • External arrangement of the cylinders (stability)
    • Boxes in the flow path of the side cutters
    • Cables integrated, protected in the support frame
    • Optional with bolt-on cutting edges
    • Optional with skids

  • MU 3R Mulch Grab Bucket

    • Optional with bolt-on cutting edges
    • Optional with coupling for mulchers

  • MU 1R Mulch Grab Bucket

    • Optional with bolt-on cutting edges
    • Optional with coupling for mulchers

  • Heavy-Duty Buckets

    • Strong instead of double-walled back
    • Optional with segments
    • Optional with ball track

  • Protective Front Windscreen Grids

    • Protect the front windscreen
    • Enable cleaning of the windscreen
    • Optional with rod
    • Optional with mesh

  • Radiator Guards

    • Optimised for camera
    • Optimised for taillights
    • Optimised for headlamps
    • Optimised for maintenance flap
    • Optimised for number plate holder
    • Optimised for cooling air

  • Adapters

    • Optimised for attachments
    • Optimised for carrier vehicles

  • Rear Flap Tailgate

    • Optimised for KOMATSU HD carrier vehicle

We manufacture special solutions ... according to your wishes.

Interview with Kaspar Heinrich Schlüter

Kaspar Heinrich Schlüter
Schlüter for
construction equipment
In addition to equipment and services, Schlüter offers special solutions for all Komatsu construction machine types. With Managing Director Kaspar Heinrich Schlüter at the helm, special tools and special designs are developed and manufactured in the so-called Technology Trade Center (Handelscenter Technik, HCT).

Mr Schlüter, could you briefly introduce us to your business division?
We develop, design and manufacture tailor-made solutions and modify machines according to customer requirements or according to application requirements. Each year, our team of approximately 14 specialists produce some 900 units such as adapter plates, high dump buckets and safety devices.

Is this special equipment also available for rent?
Yes, because the carrier unit, combined with the attachment, provides optimal performance and thus also reduces operating costs. This applies in particular to industrial customers in two- and three-shift operations.

How does it benefit the customer?
Der Kunde hat aufgrund seiner individuellen Einsatzbereiche Wünsche und Anforderungen an die Baumaschine, die der Hersteller vom Werk nicht immer bedienen kann. Manchmal ist es notwendig, für spezielle Anwendungen Spezialwerkzeuge und Sonderkonstruktionen zu entwickeln. Durch die individuellen Lösungen und das spezielle Anbauteil kann der Kunde effizienter und produktiver arbeiten und dadurch Zeit und Kosten sparen. Die Abteilung HCT ist somit ein weiterer Baustein, um Arbeitsprozesse kosteneffektiv für unsere Kunden zu gestalten. Der Erfolg unserer Kunden ist auch unser Erfolg.  
  • Sonderkonstruktion von HCT
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