Take advantage of reliable financial services offered by Schlüter

Take advantage of reliable financial services offered by Schlüter

Financing concepts as individual as you want

As with a TANGRAM, we are interested in the building blocks/supplies that you need to create the right financing solution for you. We provide expert consultancy which can be standardised, flexible or involve individual financing concepts. Our financial advisers are available for you for confidential conversations relating to construction equipment and more. We advise you on the impact of ratings, on economic optimisation, and on everything from international accounting to the point of corporate phase design; not only during the construction machine’s phase of life, but throughout the entire customer relationship. Reliability is our strength.


  • Schlüter für Baumaschinen financing from a single source offers many advantages:
  • Schlüter is independent from your local bank and protect your credit line
  • Benefit from lean management, i.e. generally only one call is necessary, in comparison to at least three conversations with your bank
  • Security with comprehensive support from Schlüter in relation to the investment object
  • We offer assistance in difficult times
  • Maintain and improve your ratings (Basel V)
  • We generally offer better terms and conditions in comparison to your local bank or other financing solutions


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Our services

  • Hire purchase
  • Rental
  • Financing
  • Residual value
  • Repurchase
  • Insurance



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