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Save time on a construction site with machine control units for excavators, bulldozers and graders and maintain an overview of your site with tools from Topcon.

Machine control units increase the efficiency of construction machinery and its operators. Increase productivity, boost your success rate and minimise high costs with accurate planning.


Komatsu and Schlüter have worked in close collaboration for many years. This cooperation has resulted in ground-breaking innovations and an outstanding technological edge due to the connection of machine and control unit.

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2D control unit

The simplest 2D control systems use a laser or an ultrasonic sensor to control plates, buckets or planks. In-cab displays inform the operator, whether the bucket or plate has to be adjusted to reach the desired height. 2D systems make the checking of the height in the vicinity of the machine unnecessary.

3D control unit

In a 3D control system, the plans are transmitted directly to a computer in the cabin of the machine. The system determines its own position and constantly compares this with the data in the plan. The difference between the two figures is automatically compensated by the machine hydraulics. Different components are used here, such as total stations, GPS, and mmGPS and 3DMC2.



Achieve millimetre precision with a mmGPS system. The Laser ZoneTM transmitter and sensor on the machine allow you to combine the advantages of GPS with the accuracy of a total station. mmGPS can even serve as a reference for several machines and field crews on the construction site.



Double the speed, double the accuracy: 3DMC2 dramatically alters the use of dozers on construction sites. Do you also wish that you could use your crawlers more efficiently? This is where the 3DMC2 comes into its own: In addition to a higher speed, fewer passages are required, meaning that you can carry out significantly more work in a shorter time, save fuel and reduce machine wear and tear.


Sitelink is the first construction site management system to combine project communication, data management, remote support and reporting capabilities. The bottom line is that you will always receive the latest information on project progress. Naturally, you can share this data with the entire fleet throughout the entire duration of the project.

Innovative, integrated, intelligent machine control from Komatsu

Komatsu’s intelligent machine control systems include an advanced GNSS antenna and a control unit. The antenna was moved from the plate to the cabin roof, where it is better protected and can precisely collect terrain data, regardless of the actual plate position. The progress of the levelling process is sent to the site manager in the office via Sitelink3D, the Topcon communication and management system. In turn, updated terrain profile data can be sent from the office to the bulldozer on site without delay.

From coarse to fine planum, both forwards and in reverse, when it comes to the D61EXi/PXi-23, all levelling passes will be made with automatic plate control. When the system is activated, the plate lowers until the predetermined profile is reached. If the load on the plate is too high, the plate is automatically lifted to minimise chain slippage and to maintain the feed. As a result, productivity is increased and damage to the underground and chain wear are minimized. At the end of the levelling pass, the driver switches to reverse drive and briefly actuates the plate control lever to lift the plate to the pre-programmed height. The driver can also choose between four levelling operating modes and three load settings in order to fine tune the system to the specified conditions of use.

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